About Us

The research consortium of Oil and Gas Recovery for Indonesia (OGRINDO) is established by The Petroleum Engineering Study Program in Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (FTTM), former Department of Petroleum Engineering-FIKTM of Institute of Technology Bandung at May 6, 2004 based on the following background:

  • There is a need for ongoing research at petroleum engineering study program.
  • There is a need in Indonesian oil and gas industries to improve oil recovery and production, including the rejuvenation of old and marginal fields.
  • There is a need for research funding.
  • The growth of research consortia in universities and research centers in the United States, Europe, and Indonesia (although it is very limited).
  • The availability of research funds in industries.

In addition, there are several promoting factors that encourage the petroleum study program in creating such a research consortium including:

  • Research program could be matched with industry needs.
  • Supportive staff in the companies.
  • Positive response and support from Ditjen Migas, SKK Migas and Pertamina.
  • The department has a solid research team consisting of good quality students, committed fresh graduates, committed supervisors and professors, supportive administrative and computing facilities, and public relations.
  • Availability of “permanent” working space.


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twitter : @ogrindoitb